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Use MP3 to OGG Converter to convert MP3 files into OGG format
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10 July 2014

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Use MP3 to OGG Converter to convert MP3 files into OGG format. All MP3 files will be accepted and your conversions will be completed in as fast 3 seconds - this is 9X faster than the best competitors. With an interface that's designed for simplicity and ease of use, MP3 to OGG Converter will have you converting in no time.
MP3 to OGG Converter is easy. After you've downloaded it, open the file to begin installing. Press Next on each screen until the installation is complete. The MP3 to OGG Converter will start automatically. Once the converter is open, simply select an MP3 file from your library and press Convert. MP3 to OGG Converter will always select the highest quality for you by default, but you can choose any quality you like. Every conversion will have its own progress bar. As soon as it's done, your new OGG file will be ready to use. Press the Show Files button to automatically open your desktop and find your new OGG file.

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